The Process

1. Discovery

First step is learning all I can about you and your business! There are no strings attached, this is to ensure I am able to deliver on the expectations of your project. Feel free to share any ideas you already have, I am here to make your ideas come true!

2. Planning & Sourcing

After chatting a bit we will work together to create a shot list and I will make a new mood board to reflect the photoshoot. After having concepts and shot list approved, I will start to gather things needed to make the big day run smoothly!

3. Photoshoot

This is the time to get excited! Using all the information you helped me source plus using the mood boards and approved concepts I will create the magic!

4. Selects

I will do a light pass of edits on the images shot, load them into a virtual viewing gallery for you. I usually have this gallery available within 2days after the shoot day. From there you can take your time and choose which pictures for me to edit!

5. Delivery

This is the moment you've been waiting for! I will email you the edited images, please give me about 2 weeks to deliver your final images after you have selected your favorites.

When reaching out about project proposals, please include as much relevant information as possible, for example amount of images needed, intended usage of the images, timeframe for project completion and anything else you think might be helpful. Can't wait to hear from you!


Using Format