Hi there!

My name is glo, I am a digital content creator aka product, social media, portrait, brand photographer & stylist!  But I am not limited to those things - I also love working on stop motion, set design... handmade stuffed animals and book binding.

Chicago has been my home since I moved here to go to Columbia Collage in 2008, where I received my BA. I have been working remotely since before the pandemic! And I have been photographing professionally for over a decade but holding a camera almost my entire life. I mostly shoot digital, but for personal projects I use 35mm and 120mm film.

When I am not behind the camera I am usually on a dance floor, telling or listening to spooky stories and uplifting the homies.

I am queer, brown and proud - I hope to create change by being honest with my narrative and empower other voices.

Available to travel or work remote from Chicago, cant wait to connect & create with you!

Contact: glocriss89@gmail.com

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