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Platypus - approximately 9.5in x5in

Made with Poly-fill, felt, cotton thread, plastic buttons, metal key & love.

Please no international, mailing is already complied because of what's going on, I don't want them getting lost.


Quarantine Frans were my way of staying busy and staying positive through this strange time right now. I started off by asking a few friends what their favorite animals were, made a list then as the list dwindled I asked my Instagram followers to tell me what animals they want to see. This way it keeps things random and helps me stay creative.

Maybe I’m sappy but I really felt these were made with lots of care and attention, they’re hand sewn and I’m making them up as I go. Each one takes me a few hours, at least four between choosing colors, drawing what it might look like and starting the actual construction. They’re purposely imperfect and I put a metal skeleton key inside all of them as if it were the key to my heart. Because they make me happy and I hope they bring you joy as well!

I really appreciate everyone who has been following from the beginning and everyone who has joined the journey! Big thank you, and please feel free to instagram message me or shoot me an email if you have any questions or comments about them.

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