Hi! I'm glo—just glo.

I like creepy things, cute animals, community activism and making kick-ass creative content. 

Born in Mexico but I’m based in Chicago, fluent in Spanish and ready to collaborate! I’m brown. I’m queer. And I’m proud to bring these perspectives to the table to help like-minded brands and folk reach their goals. 

I have more than a decade of professional photography experience, nearly five years experience working commercially as a digital creator for brands, agencies and events and about six years experience of food/prop styling. 

So if you need someone who can do any or ALL of the following: 

  • on-brand, on-strategy social content from concept to final asset
  • product photography for e-commerce, in-store display, digital banners or whatever your else media plan calls for 
  • lifestyle photography
  • food/prop styling 
  • stop-motion, gifs, simple animations
  • post-production

Give me a call… aka email me.

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My portrait by Candice Majors 

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